What makes us unique

Our We specialize in township and rural markets. Through the years we have developed a keen understanding of an often under serviced market in the lower LSM segment. Over the years data collection has evolved from traditional face-to-face techniques to modern digital online interactions. Through our unique footprint in lower LSM, we are able to gather valuable insights where smart phones and access to high speed internet is limited. We do this through a combination of a traditional consumer approach whilst delivering a digital solution to the customer.

Our Services

Primary Data Collection

Data observed or collected directly from first-hand experience. Primary data is information that we collect specifically for the purpose of the research project at hand. An advantage of primary data is that it is specifically tailored to the research needs. This information is collected directly from the source by means of field studies. Examples include surveys, enumerations, in-depth interviews, observations, and ethnographic research.

Our data collection techniques


Household Interviews

  • Highly qualitative
  • Specialized sampling
  • In depth conversations

Taxi Rank Interviews

  • Best quantitative
  • Commuter markets
  • Economies of scale

Mall intercepts

  • Highly qualitative
  • Specialized sampling
  • In depth conversations


Computer Assited Telephone interviews (CATI) consists of a telephonic interview between an individual and consumer and a trained professional within the organisation. These interviews are usually conducted from a central venue where the respondent is not easily accessible usually due to time and logistical constraints.

consumer and a trained professional within the organisation. These interviews are usually conducted from central venue by means of a laptop or desktop computer.

Web-Video Interviews


Remote Inteviews

  • In depth
  • Online
  • Cross-border


We recruit participants for market research purposes. This includes market specific and research related services such as recruitment and screening, quality control back checks and management of participant incentives.

Consumer Recruitment

The sourcing, identification and qualifying of suitable participants (or respondents) for market research study purposes. This is specifically tailored to the target market of the research study at hand and includes consumers all socio-economic living standards/classifications and race groups.

SMME Recruitment

Through our unique line of network companies, we are able to source for SMME owners and entrepreneurs to part take in various research studies to inform feasibility and viability studies across a wide range of industries.


Our custom solutions are tailored to meet specified research needs with turnkey services. We enable brands to converse directly with their valued customers. We help to unlock insights that assist brands in making informed market strategies based on sound research.


Focus Groups


In Depth Conversations



Our Footprint

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