February Newsletter

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Vula Vula Research Services has had both a stimulating and groundbreaking start to the year 2019 in both our custom and syndicated departments as we celebrate our 5th year in business and the growth we have achieved in the short space of time.

With our core operatives being in grassroots market research, we are proud to have been behind the scenes on a number of research and development studies which have been launched on national platforms. With interest to observing our Client’s confidence, we can insofar, allude these to industries in banking & finance, hygiene and sanitation as well as travel & tourism.

Given our constant search for authentic South African research participants to take part in our fun and informative market research studies, we have developed an online panel specifically designed to bring close interaction with the everyday consumer. The panel is accessible through the link https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2TT8G6H.

We also value and enjoy the face-to-face interactions and the relationships we share with our participants, hence we now have an active campaign called Activation Fridays where we visit various shopping centres and interact with prospective research participants at a personal, face to face experience.

We are also proud to announce the expansion of our field team as we welcomed in January 2019. The current diversity of the field team and the experience each member contributes, means that our strength and capacity is at its optimum as we deliver sound market research solutions to our clients and the communities we work with, particularly in the mass market, otherwise known as the township market.

We are also excited to introduce to our revamped and fresh-looking website. Take alook here: www.vulavularesearch.co.za.

Our Host, Siyanda Mavuso, on set with Ntsiki Biyela.

Kasi Talk, our syndicated research column, has seen impressive progress since its inception in November 2018 which was then officially launched in 2019. We have hosted an array of entrepreneurs on Kasi Talk on Set, all coming from diversified backgrounds, businesses and areas of expertise.

From the founder of Aslina Wines and multi- award winning first black female winemaker in South Africa, Ntsiki Biyela to the well- accomplished founder of 1981 Socks – Ruth Africa. We are excited to bring you the rich insights of these successful entrepreneurs and business owners.

The 1st of February 2019 was a special day as Vula Vula Research Services officially launched its Youtube Channel primarily for Kasi Talk, accessible here: https://www.youtube.com/ channel/UCqffNX0hXl_qRnMfG_SRrlw. This is the platform through which we share in the intimate sessions we have with our prestigious guests on Kasi Talk for you to watch and engage with through providing feedback.

For more information, visit:

Website: www.vulavularesearch.co.za

E-mail: findout@vulavularesearch.co.za

Facebook: @Vula Vula Research

Instagram: @Vula Vula Research

Youtube: Vula Vula Research Services

Whatsapp: 081 332 5326

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