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"Vula vula” is an informal Tsonga phrase, meaning “Let's Talk”, and that is exactly what we do. We assist our clients to interact comprehensively with the ordinary consumer.

"Vula Vula” is a phrase pronounced ‘bula bula’ which means lets talk in xiTsonga. This encapsulates what we do everyday. We are a vehicle for communication and conversation between businesses and their target markets.

Founded in 2009 and re-established in 2014, the company’s core expertise and excellence is in the development and implementation of township market strategies through being uniquely positioned to provide consumer insights in the township market using a combination of digital and traditional market research methods.

We have presence in 187 townships across South Africa and we’re growing! Our research teams are conversant in all 11 official languages and possess both technical and social skills. We are committed to continuously immersing ourselves in the township, learning and understanding its ever-changing dynamics as we journey to be the market leader in South African Township Research.

Our Research History

Imapact Evaluation

CSI Impact Evaluation

Primary data collection| FGD | IDI

Gauteng | Eastern Cape| Western Cape

Qualitative Research

Impact evaluation | Socio Economic Research

CAPI interviews


Monitoring & Evaluation

Financial Literacy

Primary data collection| CATI

Gauteng | Eastern Cape| Western Cape

Field Research

Socio-Economic Spend Evaluation

Primary data collection | Surveys | Digital

Gauteng | Eastern Cape| Western Cape

Product Testing

Market Feasibility & Viability study

Primary data collection| FGD | IDI

Gauteng | Eastern Cape| Western Cape

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